Sep 18, 2019

How to Make Your Website For Free with Blogger

Read this article carefully if you want to make your website for free with blogger. In this article we had described how to Turn your blog into beautiful professional website.

Do you have your own blog? but don't know how to make it more profession website look? Nowdays most business or people want to make their website for online marketing or revenue, but not all can afford to make website and host it online. Blogger is one of the best solution for those people as it provides free easy drag and drop facility to make blog to showcase your service, info and products for free. There are number of templates available for free to change theme according to your business also you can easily customize your blog design with extra css or drag and drop option to look like a professional website. Once you designed like website but url is same like so people will notice that this a blog not a website. for that you have to change your blog url to main domain, Just buy your suitable domain name and link it to your blog settings->blog address and change mxrecord of domain as per instruscitons, thats it. Now your blog url will be You can also use https url for secure connection. There are lot of other options available which makes your blog like beautiful professional website. 

Its very simple, free and easy customization service by Google for those who want to make their website for free. you just need to pay for domain name. no need to pay for hosting or development. 
In blogger you can use home page slider, costume html box, textbox, sidebar archives or category(you can use label as category) etc via widgets provided by blogger. You can make beautiful header and footer with all necessary links of inner pages or labels. 

So this is the greatest and easiest way to make your website for free with blogger

Hope this article help you, kindly comment of your suggestions or reviews.


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