Sep 21, 2018

WhatsApp tips: 10 tricks that will make you chat app expert

Everyone uses WhatsApp. But some use it better than the others. They know it in a better way, they know its hidden codes, and the settings that aren't obvious. They know about its less-known features. And not only they know about the ways that are not so common, they also use this knowledge to put to use WhatsApp in a way that is more efficient, safer and at times more fun.

That is unlike how most of the people use. Since its introduction in 2009, WhatsApp has grown into an app that allows users to do much more beyond, in various ways. It wasn't always like this. There was a time when WhatsApp used to be much more simpler. But since 2014 or so, almost every month WhatsApp has acquired new features and new settings. These have changed it from a mere chat app to a versatile app that can not only also make calls but nowadays even allows people to exchange money.

But even as the app has grown more complex, it has also become harder to keep a tab on all the changes the app has brought. And it has brought in a number of changes. So, to keep it simple, and to make it somewhat simpler for users, here we detail 10 features and WhatsApp tips that will help you use the app in a more efficient way.
1. Mute group chats: This one never gets old. This feature is very useful for those who, unwillingly, are part of multiple family groups on chat app. Or part of the boisterous, and occasionally improper school college groups. But there is a way to avoid the group chats without leaving the group, which may hurt your aunt if you try. You can mute the chat group for 8 hours to an year. Once you mute the chat, you will no longer be bugged by the annoying and frequent WhatsApp pings. The chats though still be there, but you can always go in and mark all messages read.
2. Know who read your message: This is second magical WhatsApp trick. You can know who has read your message in a group chat. The feature can be accessed by long pressing on your message and clicking on info. This shows who have read your group message, who has got it and who hasn't got it.
3. Revoke sent message: So far one of the biggest WhatsApp updates, Revoke or what WhatsApp calls it Delete for everyone, the feature allows you to recall the sent messages. The chat app has set a new time limit for the messages you can delete and it is little over an 1 hour now.
4. Limit data usage: Yes, let not WhatsApp be your biggest mobile data eater. Apart from limiting the heavy media file, WhatsApp also has an option for low data usage that lowers the amount of data used in WhatsApp chats and calls.
5. Stylise your text: In mood for some art? Well, you can add some style -- or highlights -- to your messages using bold, italics, and strike-thrus. For e.g. *Hi * for bold, _Hi _ for italics and ~Hi ~ for strike-thrus.
6. Customise notifications: You can set a custom notification for someone if you want. This will let you know who has sent you the message without even touching your phone. To set a custom notification, open the chat, tap their name at the top and hit Custom Notifications.
7. Personalise your WhatsApp: Give a personal touch to your WhatsApp by setting a wallpaper of the app. You will find this option under settings.
8. Mark as unread: This is an interesting one. Say you have blue ticks enabled but you just received a message which you don't want sender to know that you've read. What do you do? Simple long the chat and go to mark as unread. Your message will be shown as unread on the other side even if you've already read it.
9. Email chat: To all the Sherlock out there, this one's for you. You can email an entire chat conversation on WhatsApp. This can be done by Email chat option.
10. Pin the conversation: WhatsApp allows you to pin up to three contacts and groups to the top of your WhatsApp conversation list. Simply tap and hold a chat, then hit the pin icon.

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